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Nishiumeda /NISHIUMEDA

Nihonbashi Yokoyama town
Opening of business campaign
Period From Tuesday, February 7, 2017 to Monday, March 6
We offer three privileges to all the visitors of the use in commemoration of the opening of business. Please use at this opportunity.

Discount ticket to be able to use three times of privilege 1 for
Privilege 2 small present
Privilege 3 (we limit reservation in formal HP) hand & body lotion
Akihabara recommended plan
Sunday limitation! Business class bodily sensation plan
Sunday-limited business class cabin low plan!
Clean large communal bath and shower booth are fully equipped, and please sense FIRST CABIN to be able to spend comfortably bodily.
Haneda Terminal 1 recommended plan
[consecutive stay-limited] Haneda 2days plan
It is appearance of one-limited advantageous plan of consecutive stay!
It is advantageous for fixed amount in the daytime even if we use how many hours! Troublesome check-in procedure is OK at once!
※Rate is payment in advance system. From the middle cannot change.
※You are staying and do not make up basically. If you like, you feel free to contact, and please attach.
[HP-limited offer]
Plan with breakfast
"cafe&bar15" specially made plan with breakfast
Business class cabin 5,000 yen ...
First-class cabin 6,000 yen ...
Mount Atago-limited recommended plan
Plan with breakfast
FIRST CABIN Mount Atago-limited! It is breakfast plan serving bread hot from the oven unlimitedly.
We offer coffee, soup, salad having just finished sawing other than bread.
[March 25 .26 days accommodation-limited!]
Pre-open plan
FC 5,800- yen BC 4,800- yen
Date-limited plan that can stay at FIRST CABIN Akasaka ahead of grand opening of March 30 with special price! Without this valuable opportunity, passing over!
※ KEY'S CAFE of juxtaposition is not open.
Kyoto attributive recommended plan
It is essential to sightseeing in Kyoto! Plan for city bus one day with ticket
Do you not go round tourist attractions with advantageous daily ticket?
It is advantageous plan with ticket for Kyoto-shi bus one day.
If there is in uniform section, you can take again and again on 1st.
Osaka recommended plan
[HP-limited offer] 10 cabin only!! Room without meals plan
It becomes ten attributive plans. Reservation early!
Hakata attributive recommended plan
Consecutive stay ECO percent
It is "consecutive stay-limited" plan that can stay at discount to visitor of use of consecutive stay of - 4 night in 2 nights.
Please let me omit exchange of cleaning of cabin (room), sheets, cabinware towel, addition of throwaway slippers, toothbrush body towel from consideration to environment by this plan.
 ※On the first day of the check-in, we offer one set of linen, amenity.